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5U Jamboree Program

Jamboree (5U) Program

This 8 week parent+child program is a fun way to introduce your child to the fundamentals of soccer.  Your child will need shin guards (covered by socks) and a size 3 ball.  Soccer cleats are optional, but highly recommended.  Uniform jersey, shorts and socks will be provided. Games are played usually 3v3 with no goal keeper. We have enlisted the Coaches from UK Soccer to oversea the Master Coach responsibilities for this Division. The Master Coach will lead the child and parent in instructional drills before a fun scrimmage played by our 5U players. The sessions run Saturdays mornings at Adam Bischoff Memorial Soccer Fields. The season ends with a group party on the field after the last session.  Time TBD

Program Outline and Objectives

The objective of this program is to provide young players and their parents with a "pressure free" introduction to the beautiful and simple game of soccer. At this age, players should be exposed to soccer by playing simple, fun activities and games that require little to no practice, and a minimal time commitment. 

This program allows players to discover the game for themselves, while parents are given a soccer foundation on which to build and grow into future AYSO Coaches, Rferees and Administrators.


Jamboree One with One is the combination of two different formats that, put together, will provide the best possible introduction to soccer for our youngest players. In AYSO soccer, a jamboree means that teams are formed on a weekly basis depending on how many players attend a given session. One with One refers to the concept that each player will have a parent (or other adult) working with them on the field. 

A "Master Coach" will lead each session. The Master Coach will introduce a game/activity that will practice a certain skill or part of the game using explanation and demonstration. Each pair (player/parent) will then attempt the activity while the Master Coach circles between pairs providing specific help or suggestions so that the activities are performed as intended. After a suitable amount of time, the Master Coach will bring the players and parents back together as a group and recap what they have done, introducing the next game/activity.

Each Jamboree One with One session will end with a 20-minute short-sided game (3 v 3). We allow the players to play without Coaching or teaching them, as this experience is designed to expose them to soccer, not to begin developing them. The two goals of the program are to allow the players to enjoy the activities and to let the game be the teacher.

Things to Remember

• Young soccer players need special consideration
• They are children playing a child's game
• These young children must be regarded as young children, not mini adults
• Fun activity factors must be a central part of a child-centered program
• Educators agree that early learning experiences are the most important and produce lifelong learning experiences
• Four-year-old players are essentially self-oriented and relate naturally to one or two others, not to large groups
• Most children cannot sustain prolonged activity
• They function best in suitable starts and stops (rest periods)
• Concentration span is limited, so frequent changes of pace and activity is essential
• The young players should learn to discover the wonderful game of soccer, not be taught the game of soccer by adults

3 v 3 Game Set-Up and Guidelines

Each player in the Jamboree division will receive a uniform, since it is part of the fun to get dressed up for "the big game". Having fun will make the kids want to come back. The uniforms are identical for all players. Each week before the game portion of the day begins players will be divided into groups of 4 (3 on the field with 1 substitute/reserve). Based on how many players arrive, different colored vests will be used to differentiate the teams.

Session Schedule

Sessions last one hour and fifteen minutes, including organizing time and breaks.
• 10 minutes - group warm-up and activities
• 5 minutes - water break
• 20 minutes - training activities and games
• 10 minutes - team organizing and water break, assigning players to teams, assigning field locations
• 20 minutes - 3 v 3 game (played in two halves of 10 minutes each with a short break at the quarter to make substitutions and get a quick drink)
• 5 minutes - half time
• 5 minutes -to make changes between quarters
During the game, one parent from each team will be selected to act as the game supervisors for the week. These parents keep the game going. All other parents are encouraged to cheer positively and refrain from "coaching" (giving directions) from the sideline. 

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