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Fall 2023 Referee Training Course Schedule
Thank you for stepping up to referee and support our kids!  Simply, without referees, the kids can't play soccer.  We promise to make it fun and guarantee you will have the best seat in the house to watch a game.  All AYSO volunteers must complete the items listed below prior to attending a referee class or officiating an AYSO match.

Register as an AYSO Adult Referee Volunteer

All volunteers must register regardless if they have registered in the past.  An AYSO ID# will be listed upon completion of registration and is necessary to be certified as an AYSO Referee and to access the online referee training via AYSO/Etrainu. Use the Register Now link on the Region 71 website.  Click on the Volunteer box on the left side of you account page.  You choose your volunteer role on the next page by clicking on the green circle called "Find Volunteer Roles" on the upper right of that page.  New and returning referees should select the referee volunteer role.  If you select multiple volunteer roles, you should be able to just complete one registration form for all roles (e.g., coach, referee, team parent, board member, etc.).  See this page for further information including how to register youth referees.

Important:  continue reading to see how to register for in-person training as well as the required courses needed for all AYSO volunteers.  In addition, be sure to read all the way down to the bottom of this page for new requirements for all AYSO volunteers: Live Scan and Safe Sport.

Training Schedule

Below is our current in-person training schedule. See further down for an on-line training option to become an 8U Referee/10U assistant referee.

-In-Person Regional Referee Course:  You may also take the in-person 7-8 hour in person  field course.  You will also be able to referee 8U and 10U matches including being an assistant referee for 10U matches.  As you confidence and skill grows you can move up to 12U matches.  Information and links to register can be foundHERE.  The in-person course will be taught at North Valley in Granda Hills the following date:

-Regional Referee In-Person All-Day Course: (must take on-line course first!): Sat, 8/26/2023 12pm-4pm at Area 10V/Region 174-North Valley in Granada Hills
Law Day/Coaches meeting for coaches and referees:  to earn volunteer points and learn the Laws of the Game and R71 Orientation: Sun, 8/27/2023 9am-12pm at Bischoff Park
-Regional Referee Companion Course via Region 71: (must take on-line course first!): Sun, 8/27/2023 12pm-4pm at Bischoff Park
-Regional Referee Companion Course via Region 71: (must take on-line course first!): Sun, 9/10/2023 9am-1pm at Bischoff Park

-Intermediate Referee Course via Region 71: 7/15-7/16/2023 (Sat 8am-5pm and Sun 8am-4pm; location showing via AYSOU/Etrainu)
-Intermediate/Advanced Referee Courses via Area 10V/Burbank R254: 8/5-8/6/2023 (Sat 8am-5pm and Sun 8pm-4pm; location showing via AYSOU/Etrainu)


Important: the website that some of you are familiar with is no longer active and cannot be accessed. It has been replaced with AYSO's new training platform, Etrainu. Because of this, registering for coach training classes will use a completely different process than in past seasons.

Here is how you can access, and enroll in, referee training courses on Etrainu (this is not the only way this can be done, but it does seem to be the easiest):

1.    Go to the portal where you registered as a volunteer (that is THIS website).

2.     Click on your Account tab (in the upper-right corner near your profile picture) and enter your AYSO Account profile.

3.    Click on the Volunteer tab on the left-hand side of the screen.

4.     Click on the AYSOU button to access all the training.

IMPORTANT: When you click the AYSOU button, you will automatically be re-directed to the new Etrainu platform and will automatically be logged you into that site. 

5. Click on the Training Event tab on the left-hand side menu.

6.  Remove Region filters (left-hand filter) if there is one there.

7.  Use the Location filter (the middle filter) and enter Woodland Hills, CA as your location. Then set a distance of 25km or more to find courses offered by both Region 71 and Area 10V on the calendar.

8.    Find the course you want to enroll in and click on the Course (Make sure it is the correct session (Time, Date, Instructor, etc.)).

9. Click Enroll

You should receive an email confirmation of your enrollment. 


 see this link for how to access on-line courses via AYSOU/Etrainu.

Complete the online AYSO Safe Haven Course via the AYSOU/Etrainu website using the Training Library tab and view courses under Safe Haven.  Safe Haven course is the same for all AYSO volunteer positions. Effective 7/19/2022, this course must only be taken once! 

Complete the online CDC Concussion Course via the AYSOU/Etrainu website using the Training Library tab and view courses under Safe Haven.  The concussion course is the same for all AYSO volunteer positions. Effective 7/19/2022, this course must only be taken once! 

Complete the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training 
is now a 
 requirement for ALL REFEREES effective 1/1/2020.  The course is now available via via the AYSOU/Etrainu website using the Training Library tab and view courses under Safe Haven.  The course is approx 20 min.  Effective 7/19/2022, this course must only be taken once! 

If you took the course in a prior last year and don't see your certification, you can click on check box next to Sudden Cardiac Arrest and then him the blue "Renew & Update" button to upload a PDF/JPEG of the cert to your certificate section of the Volunteer section of your account at

Here are summaries of this requirement in case there are further questions:  

New Regional Referees Including 8U Referees/10U Assistant Referees

Take the Online Regional Referee Class via the AYSOU/Etrainu website using the Training Library tab and view courses under Referees.  Complete the on-line class, take the test, obtain your certificate of completion.

Regional Referee for 8U-12U: You must first register as a Region 71 Referee Volunteer before you can access any classes on AYSOU.  Y
ou must then complete the 4-hour Regional Referee In-Person Companion Class. To register for these classes see how to register for in-person classes above Referee Training courses via the Training Event tab.

8U Referee:  you must take the approximately 1 hour course via AYSO and send the Referee Administrator the certificate of completion.


With the start of the 2022 calendar year, two new safety requirements for youth sports volunteers came into effect. The first is a LiveScan fingerprinting requirement imposed under California’s AB 506. The second is completion of Safe Sport safety training on the AYSOU/Etrainu site imposed under the Federal Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017.

IMPORTANT - Please Read: 

• Youth Volunteers (anyone under the age of majority) are not required to take this training.
• At this point, AYSO Volunteers will still need to complete AYSO’s Safe Haven course until otherwise noted. 
• SafeSport is now a required certificate in the AYSO online registration platform.

LiveScan Compliance:

For Adult Volunteers Only: for those who are not familiar with it, the LiveScan process is an electronic fingerprinting technology used in California for various background check purposes.  Region 71 plans to host a regional LiveScan event locally for its volunteers on Sunday, 8/28/2022 from 2pm-5pm at Bischoff Park.  See below for a full schedule of nearby LiveScan events.

Regardless of whether you have had a previous LiveScan performed as part of your job or other volunteer service, you will need to submit to a new LiveScan for AYSO. Under California law, LiveScan results are not shareable between government agencies and/or private organizations – so you need a separate scan for each agency or organization you work and/or volunteer for. Fortunately, this is a one-time requirement that does not (currently) have to be repeated. 

Below is a link to a list of Area Fingerprinting events.  You should not need to pay the $20.00 if you attend an AYSO sponsored event.  You need to click on the link below, select an event and sign up for a time.

Safe Sport Compliance:

The Safe Sport course became a new requirement under the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017 (“Safe Sport Act”) expanded its categories of Mandated Reporters to include adults authorized to interact with children. Due to this expansion, the Safe Sport Act now includes AYSO and requires training on child abuse and mandated reporting. All volunteers will need to take the full SafeSport training course in the first year of this expansion. This course is approximately 90 minutes long and must be repeated every three years.

In-between these 3-year intervals, volunteers must take annual updates which are approximately 30 minutes long.

You can access the SafeSport training by following these instructions:

1. Login to your Sports Connect account where you registered as a volunteer and enter your Account page (upper right-hand corner of the page);

2. Click on the Volunteer tab on the left-hand side of the page;

3. Click on the SafeSport box on your list of training and certification courses;

4. Click on the Renew and Update button on the bottom of the list.

5. A screen will pop up where you will click on the “click HERE” link or copy and paste the URL into your browser to begin training (see picture below);

6.  Register on the U.S. Center for SafeSport website;

7.  Select the "SafeSport Trained - U.S. Soccer Federation" course from the My Courses screen and follow the directions. 

For more information and FAQs, please visit: SafeSport Mandatory Training – AYSO Volunteer Resources (

If you have already taken SafeSport, those historic statuses should have been brought over as of January 1, 2022 and will be reflected as a separate line item on the compliance report.


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